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Hi! My name is Ciara (pronounced Kira) and I am one of the original team members of the Sandy Lego Beachbots. When we started I was 7 and now I am 12 years old, and in 8th grade (I skipped 7th). Last year when we won I was one of the team members who was up on the table! I have a sister (Nadya) and a brother (Brennan). What ever you do don’t say I look like Nadya... I play the cello and am also red belt with a purple stripe (jr brown belt) in karate!

My favorite color is leaf green or sky blue (depending on what mood I am in). I fact I like the whole color rainbow! I read a lot, and I like to do photo editing. My favorite foods are Indian Pakoras, and pie. My least favorite food is peanut brittle- yuck! My favorite sports are karate, riding my ripstick and walking on stilts. I also enjoy swimming, biking, skating, board games, baking pies from scratch, arts and crafts, and I hate writing bios ;) and spelling ARRRGG! You don’t even what to know what this would look like with out spell checker... :D. I also suck at being in pictures so none of these pictures look ANYTHING, did you hear me? ANYTHING like me :) Same thing with Rachel…

I’m a vegetarian and I home school. (Please don’t ask me to compare a veggie diet with a meat one because I have NEVER tried meat) I am learning to speak French and I know a little bit of Bengali (I have been to India because we do yoga and meditation). I live in San Diego CA but I also have a house in Winslow AZ, so I travel a lot. To get from house to house we drive our cool Toyota Prius. Sometimes it gets pretty full but our House in AZ is pretty awesome- and totally worth it! I mean it’s off the grid (we don’t get any power from the city), We have a 350 foot zip line (WEEEEEEEEEEE), and it’s a geodesic dome! How cool can you get! The only problem is that we live an hour away from the city! To contact me send stuff to the team email. -Ciara